About Us

We are a group of Montgomery County, Maryland neighbors interested in the future success of the County and its residents. We established this website to fill a gap we see in available platforms to foster constructive communication about County issues, where individuals who want to understand matters facing our community are able to find relevant background materials, and where a broad diversity of community members can share opinions in a respectful manner. Our objective is to inform and educate each other.

The BetterMoCo website is in its first stage of development. For the time being, it includes a HOME Page with a Featured Post, for example, an article on a topic of broad interest or an interview of a public official or County resident. A separate page is for OPINIONS, in which contributors share a point of view in short “letters” to the community. There are three pages with resources for readers. The first is titled COMMUNITY, with links to grassroots and other community organizations, and the second is for REPORTS, which will include items such as County documents, organized by topic. A third resource page is called LEADERSHIP, where readers can find the names of political leaders at County, State and Federal levels of government. Finally, there is a page for EVENTS, to highlight future online or in-person activities organized by community groups and by BetterMoco.

Individuals interested in contributing ideas for EVENTS, REPORTS, COMMUNITY, and OPINIONS should contact the BetterMoco webmaster at admin@bettermoco.com


Readers can offer comments on the pages. Our policy for moderating comments is stringent: Comments that include Name calling, Excessive Snark, Off-topic remarks, Insults, and Threats will be removed. Commenters that continually violate the discussion board will be barred from contributing.

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